Entrepreneurs, SMBs, and Creative Talent
Legal Startup


We are a startup for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and creative talent seeking legal solutions.

Our services are based on personalized assistance, solid background, and transparent legal fees.
We focus on corporate matters, intellectual property,  entertainment, contract law, regulatory law, and preventive employment strategy.

We are

Specialized Lawyers

Nuestro equipo está conformado por abogados altamente calificados con conocimientos especializados que garantizan nuestros servicios, y que responden a las necesidades específicas de tu idea, proyecto, negocio o PyME.

We have

Solid Background

Individually and as a startup we have provided legal advice to entrepreneurs, creative talent, startup accelerators, multinational corporations, as well as government entities (local, federal, and foreign). All of our lawyers dominate two or more languages and have experience in the best law firms in the country.

We Offer

Personalized Advice

We provide a high quality service, personalized, and based on transparent fees. We take into account the nature of our clients to provide legal advice that suits each case’s requirements, needs, and client experience.

Our services

Corporate and Transactional

Company design and incorporation, shareholder agreements, corporate transactions, investment rounds, and others [know more].

Contractual Law

Advice on all types of agreements and transactions, wether they are private or involve public entities [know more].

Intellectual Property

Advice on technology agreements, trademark registration, patents, utility models, industrial designs, copyright, exclusive rights, licensing, transfer or cession of rights, among others [know more].

Preventive Labor Law

Advice on employment matters seeking to prevent conflicts under both collective and individual employment agreements, outsourcing, and employment termination [know more].


Advice on banking and financial regulation, privacy and personal data, foreign investment, permits and procedures, among others [know more].


Advice and agreement negotiation in relation to film production, musical industry, theatre, publishing, tv, artistic productions, sports, and new communication forms and media [know more].

Not sure where to start?

We're here to help

 Book a free assessment session with us, and we will review the specific details of your matter or case, and let you know the best path to follow.

What defines us?

Personal Service

Each LMMX lawyer is responsible for each of its client’s matters, avoiding unnecessary staff filters or layers. The lawyer in charge has direct contact and communication with the client, always.

Transparent Fees

We work by project basis, allowing the Client to have a clear picture of costs and a complete control of its matters or cases.

Legal Startup

We are a legal Startup created by lawyers and creative talent, thus we know of the challenges facing creative talent and entrepreneurs and understand their needs.

Specialized Lawyers

We provide specialized services backed by solid experience and academic background in each of the areas we advise on, we do not take upon matters for which we have limited experience or knowledge.

Integral Service

We provide full and specialized services in every area and aspect that an entrepreneur or a creative talent might need to protects its business, assets, and work.

International Experience

Our lawyers have studied abroad and have verifiable experience that qualifies them to practice law in Mexico and/or in the United States.

How do we work?

Read the terms and conditions in relation to the services provided by LEGALMINDMX, S.C. (“LMMX”). Read here
LegalMindMX ha sido el perfecto aliado para nuestro crecimiento.
“LegalMindMX ha sido el perfecto aliado para nuestro crecimiento” El poder contar con soporte legal que entiende perfectamente tanto a nuestros clientes como la manera en la que funciona una startup ha sido clave para nuestro crecimiento. Sin duda alguna recomendaría a LegalMindMX a cualquier empresa que esté buscando un servicio de calidad efectivo y

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